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Document Review Levels

In earlier time of legal support works document review was manually conducted but with the growth and changes in technology there are new electronic tools in market for the purpose of document review. Many new software tools are available which make the tedious task of document review much simpler and more accurate, the use of these modern technologies and technical tools further reduces the chance of error in document review. Document review software and tools further reduced the delay and cost incurred for the purpose of document review and it is now much more cost effective than the earlier days. Documents are reviewed at the following levels:

First Level Document Review
It is the first level of document review and is common to all legal transactions, be it litigation or mergers and acquisition or any other transaction. It is done in order to narrow down the set of the documents classify s to whether or not the documents are:
Relevancy In this the documents are classified on the basis of their relevance to the ongoing litigation matter. This initial classification helps in determining as to which documents are crucial to the case and which documents are not. This helps in elimination of a lot of unnecessary documents. It further helps to focus on the main issue of the case.
Confidentiality In this the documents are classified on the basis of confidentiality. It helps in narrowing down the documents as to which are confidential and are not to be made public. The same helps in significant reduction of a large chunk of documents from the set of documents for review.
Privileged In this the documents are classified on whether they are privileged or not. For instance the documents which have the attorney client communication are privileged and the same cannot be used as or in evidence. Hot or Key for certain specific issues. In this the documents are reviewed keeping in mind the key issues related to the matter at hand. Such documents which are important to the core issue at hand are classified in this. The first level review is not only conducted for litigation matters, but the same is also done for documents for the purpose of corporate due diligence, for mergers and acquisitions, for regulatory compliance audit etc.

Second Level Document Review
The second level of document review is more technical and the same is done by a group of attorneys specialized in this. In this level the attorney’s review the documents and further analyze as to the manner in which the documents would help the complete litigation. This review helps in identifying the potential problems these documents pose to the litigation and how the same can be solved or overcome. It is more legal in nature as this review helps in understanding as to which document would support which legal aspect of a case and which document would only add on to the current set of problems and would prove detrimental to the case at hand.

Third Level Document Review
Third level of document review is the last and final level of document review. In this we categorically arrange all the documents which were reviewed by us related to the case at hand. We classify and arrange the documents of interest in an orderly manner so that the same can be retrieved when required for any future purposes. The documents are classified on different criterion. The classification helps in easy retrieval of documents in future. Along with this we also prepare a relevancy report of the set of documents for your future reference.